Shoppers unanimous.

*stands up* Hi my name is Mellisa Scarlett and I have an ongoing shopping addiction. *wipes sweat and sits down* now that that’s over let’s discuss the evil that shopping really is lol. I’ve heard of the wildest addictions(currently a case worker) but I must say between food and shopping I would argue anyone that those may be the toughest. (Ok maybe not compared to drug addiction but you catch my drift) I am head over heels in LOVE with what a new item feels like. I race home after every mall trip and spin in circles in all the new things I’ve bought …then a week later when I realize I have thirty cents in my checking’s and my former classmates are diving off of the coast of Guatemala…there’s a thought..that maybe I’ve invested more than I should on this pesky little habit. I’ve always loved clothes especially when I could fit them lol but In recent years due to an increase in salary( praise God) I’ve literally gone off the deep end. I’ve purchased the most ridiculous things for myself and I never know why. I’ve later realized I’ve used shopping as a coping mechanism for anything that occurred in my life so I discovered and took quit well to the life of minimalism and I’m in love.. Minimalism is just what it sounds. Surviving on the basic necessities of life and leaving materialism far in the past. Here’s a list I found via Google on the affects of minimalism and I’ve found them all to be 100% true:
Minimalism helps..

* Eliminate our discontent

* Reclaim our time

* Live in the moment

* Pursue our passions

* Discover our missions

* Experience real freedom

* Create more, consume less

* Focus on our health

* Grow as individuals

* Contribute beyond ourselves

* Rid ourselves of excess stuff

* Discover purpose in our lives
Moral of the story I’ve become happier with less and gained a new contentment. 🙂
Ps. I will snatch up a cute shirt in a hot second but growth takes time lol

– Scarlett


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