Perfect patty.

Ahhhhhh…the sweet battle of perfection. I wish I could say I didn’t know it just so well. I would say my desire for perfection began my junior yr in high school. I decided to ditch my adolescent glasses and become a lipgloss expert and weavologist at the same damn time. I no longer loved my severely damaged permed hair or un hemmed school skirt. It was time to roll with the big dogs. I’d spent so many years feeling behind the scenes because I wasn’t what most deemed the typical beauty. I was large and in charge (not in the good way) lol and lacked the self confidence most 14-18 year olds so desperately need. But in other news when I decided to spring out my shell I somehow divulged myself in a world of beauty, intelligence, and demeanor that had to be perfect or it wasn’t enough. I realized it spiraled out of control at 25 while walking down the aisles of trader joes with a full contour beat. I woke up one day and couldn’t find the sweet 14 yr old I knew I really was and desired so desperately to be. I stopped seeking certain aspirations because I knew I couldn’t be “perfect” at them. Perfection had taken me over! *screams*. So as I slowly erase all the ideas and false expectations I’ve acquired over the years I wonder.. if we all stop setting goals with the idea that everything has to be picture perfect in the ending how much would we accomplish? Or would our dreams totally shift..

– Scarlett


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