God, Jesus, and me. It’s been a battle that I believe has been fought many times before me. The life of a young Christian is beyonddddddd worth it. But with all things worth having comes major sacrifice. Am I drinking too much? Did I represent myself well? Does this fun go against my values? Should I be talking to this guy? The list goes on..but I’m questioning when did we turn being Christian into such a burden. When did it turn from being the VERY best image of Christ you can be to if I slip or make a mistake I’m no longer worthy. If I don’t attend service twice a week I may just not make it to heaven. Totally untrue. Although I was blessed enough to be born into a fairly Christian family. I find myself at now 26 really seeking Jesus for myself…and I must say I’ve stumbled across some confusion, doubt, a lot of peace and an abundance of love I couldn’t explain if I tried. I’ve slowly lost that feeling of “missing out” of the fun typical young adults have. That gnawing feeling has haunted me for years btw. I suffered with feeling like I let God down. Circa 2009 while sitting in my dorm room I wondered how much more fun would this college experience be if I let loose a tad bit. Needless to say God wasn’t having it because my conscience almost ate me alive each time lol. Moral of the story is we’ll never be the perfect Christian but from experience seeking Gods unwavering love will never disappoint… tell him I sent you 😉



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