Perception vs Reality.


So lately I’ve been questioning the true difference between the two and wondering why perception has become so prevalent in my life. Why has how I’m perceived somehow become such a task. I think from the beginning of time I’ve been programmed to acknowledge and care for what people thought of me.. Family, friends, etc. I’m guessing with the rise of social media those same insecurities have somehow transpired into pictures. I’m wondering how to break those ties but is it too late? Are we as a unit so overcome with the “realities” of others that were afraid we’ll miss a beat? I for one believe the addiction to see the bits and pieces of others lives stems from wondering either how did they get there or how can I get there? How can I possibly get the amount of education and money needed to live this fabulously depicted lifestyle that has been set out oh so eloquently. But I wonder? If we all weren’t able to watch each other’s moves would we move differently? Would the beat of our own drum actually change into something more raw ..more real? Would we gain those old school organic friendships/relationships that last until we’re old and gray? Would we regain our authentic/ non programmed selves?





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